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White label client area for studios

Take control of your file sharing. Spend less time on sharing game assets and documentation. Never share outdated content again.
Client Area Dashboard
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Client Area is the centralised home for game studios

A visually organised platform that ensures consistent use of your game assets and documentation. Store and share all the files your customers need and avoid looking for and sharing outdated files and game portfolios.
Reduce time searching for assets
Access everything in the cloud
Eliminate repeat requests for files

White label solution

Add your logo and brand color to make it yours. Client Area is a fully managed software service with your own unique subdomain clients can access, such as

Organise your games

Create games, upload the assets, technical details, demo and videos. Add jurisdictions, game features, themes, language and more to create unique collections. Each game with it's own page for all the required details. Filter by more than 11 game details to find exactly the games your customers need.

Game portfolio

Automatic up-to-date game portfolio which can be filtered by 11+ game detail fields, such as jurisdiction, game features, RTP, max exposure etc. The entire portfolio or filtered selection can be exported to CSV with one click.

Launch your promotions

Add your network promotions - a dedicated promotion page with description, terms & conditions, promo assets and link games to the promotion. You can also create dedicated promotions by selecting one or more users.

Upload documents

Upload documents such as game certifications, technical documentation and link games to the documents for better organisation. Create unique collections by categorising everything.

Publish news updates

Upload your company news, game releases or promotions, keep all your users with access up to date on what's new.
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Access Management

Have complete control over users who have access to your content. Let users register and approve user accounts with different levels of access for staff and customers. Also supporting restricting user access to change password for those sharing accounts.

Support, features and updates

We continuously improve the client area, adding additional features free of charge. We also provide support if you have any questions or issues. See what's new and coming in our changelog.

Dedicated Content

Restrict content to one or multiple users by simply selecting them and block access to every other users. This feature is useful for dedicated games, promotions or document restricted on a individual user level.

Content Restrictions

Visibility of content can be restricted by jurisdiction. Exclude one or multiple jurisdictions for all users, or select one or more jurisdictions on a user level in order to create dynamic content for users.
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