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Simple pricing, scale up when you need.
You can store the following games or files:
Games (500MB per game)
Files (1MB per file)
Storage capacity needed (Approximately):
Price (excl. VAT):
The calculation is based on an average amount and size of assets and files. Your storage requirements may be different. Storage capacity can be vertically scaled at any time.
Provider pricing for platforms charged separately.
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Need more storage or features?

We can provide cloud storage of up to 4TB, and customisations such as different file types and complete white label solutions.

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The storage calculator does not fit my needs

To get an accurate indication of your storage needs, we recommend to calculate the current size of all your files and assets for a more accurate guideline. If you require special storage needs or would like help, we are always happy to assist you!

Can I scale my storage size down?

Yes, but a reduction in storage size requires a transfer of your application. It is also better to sign up for a smaller storage size and scale up as required. If you want to reduce the size of your client area storage, there is a small administrative charge applied. Contact us if you would like more information.

Why is there is difference in the storage calculation?

There is a little overhead room in the calculation to account for file size fluctuations. Additionally, a small amount of storage is required for your application files and databases (these are needed for the application to function).

How does the provider pricing work?

The pricing for Client Area for Platforms is a fixed price calculated on the amount of providers you add. For up to 10 providers, you will be charged 100 eur per provider per month, or for the remaining of your billing cycle if you choose to be billed annually. So if you sign up for the client area in January, and add a provider in May, you will be charged for 7 months.

Can I pay with Credit Card?

At the moment we only issue invoice with the possibility to pay via bank transfer.

Can I pay annually?

We understand the administrative burdens with payments of invoices. We are happy to issue an invoice that covers you for 12 months or longer at a time.

When is the payment due?

The initial invoice is due within 7 days of signing up. You will receive the invoice together with your login details as soon as the Client Area is set up and ready for you.
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