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Easy file sharing
for studios

Take control of your file sharing. Spend less time on sharing game assets and documentation. Never share outdated content again.
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Client Area is the centralised home for your files

A visually organised platform that ensures consistent use of your game assets and documentation. Store and share all the files your customers need and avoid looking for and sharing outdated files.
Reduce time searching for assets
Access everything in the cloud
Eliminate repeat requests for files
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Assets are essential to boost your game performance

Support your game launches by providing your casino and affiliate partners their own access to all your game assets and documentation. No more emails and outdated content.

Invite colleagues & external partners to collaborate, regardless of location. Anyone with editor access can upload / download files from your Client Area.

A client area that you and your customers will love

Organise your files

Easy upload games, certificates and other regulatory assets and documents. Assign categories to create unique collections of your assets, such as games, catalogues and documents by jurisdiction.

A single file or a complete folder

View and download individual assets, or upload a full zip folder with a complete collection of assets for your customers to download.

Upload your promotions

Upload your promotions and promotional asses such as banners. Upoad them as a zip or allow users to preview and download individual files.

Describe your assets

Add a document description and full game details to let your customers easily identify the file and game before downloading it.
Files and document

Link documents to games

Let your customers find documents related to games easily right from the game page by linking them. Link documents such as game certifications or game sheets.

Game portfolio

Keep one up to date list of your game portfolio details. The list is automatically updated as you add your games to the Client Area. Keep one up to date, master list, and let customers view and export as CSV.
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Quick copy links

Each game and documentation page, and each individual asset includes a button to quickly copy a direct link. This is very useful when speaking to customers and you want to provide a direct link to either a page, or an asset.
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Access Management

Have complete control over users who have access to your content. Create and manage user accounts with different levels of access; for customers who can view content, staff who can add and edit content, or collaborators who can only and and edit their own content.

Syncronised with MailChimp

All access accounts are automatically syncrosied with Mailchimp, so you always have an up to date list of contacts to share new releases and updates with.

Your own subdomain

The client area is a fully managed software service with your own unique subdomain clients can access, such as

Custom branding options

Add your logo and brand color to make it yours. Further customisation options are available upon request.

Technical support

Get technical support if you get stuck or if something is not working as expected.

New features and updates

We continuously improve the client area, adding additional features free of charge. If you have a new feature in mind, we are happy to listen and improve the product by making it a core feature. See what's new and coming in our changelog.
Improve how you share files

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